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Now entering its second decade, CAF is at a turning point — one that all institutions come to after achieving a successful track record and high level of productivity.

In 2006 CAF’s board embarked on a strategic planning process that entailed interviewing dozens of artists, donors, and cultural leaders in the United States and Cuba. The results of this research form the basis of our Campaign for the Future.

In 2008, CAF hired its first executive director and thus transitioning the organization from a volunteer effort to a professional staff, allowing for the organization to expand its offering.

Because of imminent and probably monumental changes that will occur within the Cuban and United States context, CAF’s unique mission and activities serves as a beacon of hope for our community.

Artists will go bravely where others will not, developing a language and a safe place for coming together, and merging passion and emotion with intellectual pursuits and bracing discussion. CAF serves artists first and foremost, and we believe that support for artists and cultural exchanges will contribute to the many challenges and opportunities that will face the Cuban arts community both here and in Cuba.

As a Cuban-American led organization CAF is sensitive to the needs and aspirations of Cuban artists and we will continue to support our artists no matter where they choose to call home.